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Drake's Takes - Lambeau Edition

Week 15 wraps up with two of the bigger disappointments in the NFL squaring off tonight in Green Bay. The Rams clown show rolls into town directed by circus leader Baker Mayfield. They’ll try and knock off the lackluster Packers who are playing out the string on their season.

While your season-long teams may be done the prop game is as hot as ever. Let’s fire off some plays that could get us a little extra Christmas spending money.

In a fun prop between two Packers, we see Aaron Jones taking on Allen Lazard who is getting +3.5 bonus points.

Jones has been a bit of an enigma for fantasy players this season. He has just as many single-digit PPR performances as he does games over 20 points. You really have no idea what you are going to get when Jones hits the field. He’s RB 7 in receptions on the year and 13th in total rush yards. But the story of Jones is the inconsistency of his points. His spike games show no rhyme or reason. He’s crushed against bad teams like Chicago and Washington but also balled out against Philly and Dallas.

Tonight should be a game the Packers lean on their most electric playmaker. I like Jones to be used in the passing game to counteract the Rams' speed on defense.

Allen Lazard is an uninspiring second option in an underperforming offense. He’s fallen behind rookie Christian Watson in the team's pecking order but it doesn’t mean he still can’t be productive. He’s a threat to score because he’s always on the field. He routinely participates in over 96% of the Packers' routes over the last month.

The Rams' pass defense is still formidable. Last week vs what I guess is still an NFL offense in Las Vegas, the Packers only allowed 137 passing yards.

This prop will come down simply to which player scores. For my money, I’m saying Aaron Jones takes a plunge over the goal line and finishes with 15 points tonight.

Drake’s Take: Aaron Jones > Allen Lazard +3.5

What about this QB matchup? Future Hall of Famer Aaron Rodgers vs just off the scrap heap Baker Mayfield (+4 bonus points).

Everyone wants to give credit to Mayfield for the Rams' victory last week in his debut. In reality, he stunk. Sean McVay was in his earpiece telling him where to throw on each play. This wasn’t Peyton Manning breaking down a defense.

Mayfield also needed a massive penalty to put up his yardage. He produced 72 of his 230 yards after Jerry Tillery’s unsportsmanlike conduct. That means 31.3% of Mayfield’s passing yardage came in the five plays after the foul (one was a spike).

That’s not great.

Now I get it, he just got there. I can cut him some slack but I’m not going to sit here and act like he’s a good quarterback when he isn’t.

Tonight at Lambeau we’re going to see sub-freezing temperatures and snow flurries. This has Aaron Rodgers written all over it.

Sign me up for A-Rod giving the national audience one last signature moment.

Drake’s Take: Aaron Rodgers > Baker Mayfield +4

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Good luck tonight!


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