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TopProp is committed to Responsible Gaming – we believe that fantasy sports are all about having fun and playing responsibly is critical to that goal. Our number one priority is making sure that you are playing safely and responsibly, and we offer tools to help you achieve those goals.




If you would like to self-exclude from TopProp, please contact customer support by emailing


Third Party Exclusion Requests


If a qualified third party has concerns about a TopProp user’s compulsive play, such qualified third party can submit a request to TopProp for exclusion of that user at “Qualified third parties” shall mean, for the purposes of the previous sentence, third parties who provide proof that (i) they are jointly obligated on the bank account, credit or debit card associated with the TopProp user’s account, (ii) the TopProp user is legally dependent on the requestor under state or federal law, (iii) they are wholly or partially obligated for the debts of the TopProp user pursuant to a court order; or (iv) the TopProp user is subject to a court order requiring him or her to pay unmet child support obligations.


Compulsive Play


Compulsive play does not discriminate – any person can be susceptible to compulsive play regardless of age, race, gender or financial status. Compulsive play is treatable if detected. Warning signs for compulsive play may include:

  • Exaggerating wins and downplaying losses. 

  • Being secretive about where they go and the money they spend.

  • Seeming restless, irritable, and easily agitated.

  • Feelings of depression or anxiety.

  • Withdrawing from friends and family and spending more time alone.

  • Sleeping and eating less.

  • Becoming less reliable, often arriving late to commitments.

  • Taking a lot of time to complete small tasks or errands.

  • Becoming less efficient, productive, or trusted at work.

  • Sometimes expressing guilt or remorse after participation.

  • Repeated inability to stop or control participation.



If you or someone you know has a gambling problem and needs assistance, please call 1-800-522-4700 or visit For additional resources: 




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