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Drake's Takes - Championship Weekend

The NFL conference championship weekend is one of the most exciting in sports. Tickets the to Super Bowl will be punched and the stakes are higher than ever. We have four elite offenses. A bevy of incredible skill position players. And storylines that will have us on the edge of our seats.

Don’t sit on the sidelines just watching the games. Download the TopProp Fantasy app and get into the action! Bet on which player you think will score more half-PPR points in head-to-head contests. It’s that easy. You know you’re watching the games anyways, let’s make money while doing it!

Here are my best bets:

- Brock Purdy (+12 bonus) > Jalen Hurts

I’ve never seen a bonus this high all season. TWELVE bonus points?! I’m shocked. Now I know Jalen Hurts is dynamic, and I’m an Eagles homer, but c’mon this is too rich. Since taking over the starting role for the 49ers Brock Purdy has turned the offense into the highest-scoring unit in the league. He’s thrown at least two touchdowns in every game besides the Dallas contest a week ago. Trust me, I want the Eagles to win, but I don’t see Hurts covering 12 points. He would have to go nuclear on the ground and score three touchdowns or more to cover. I’m not buying it.

- Miles Sanders (+7 bonus) > Christian McCaffrey

Again, we’re talking about a huge bonus advantage. While I absolutely think CMC finds the endzone, he’s also dealing with an injury to his calf. I think that limits him to high-leverage situations only. Meanwhile, his backup Eli Mitchell is working through a groin issue himself. Don’t be surprised if the Niners throw a little more in this one. As for Sanders, he’s the Eagles' workhorse when the game is close. Once they pull away, we start to see the other backs sprinkle in. I can’t see the Eagles blowing out the Niners so I believe Sanders stays active all day. The seven is too big of a nut to crack.

- Joe Burrow > Patrick Mahomes

It’s not often we get a head-to-head matchup with no bonus points either way. Mahomes is dealing with a high ankle sprain and I don’t care what the media tells you, he’s not healthy. I expect that injury to really flare up in the second half. Meanwhile, Burrow is stone cold killer. Last week’s 242-yard and two-TD performance was incredible. His passer rating was 101.9 – on the road – in the snow. I think the fact that Cincinnati has beaten the Chiefs three consecutive times is no fluke. Burrow is that good. I’m calling for 300 yards and four touchdowns as the Bengals roll.

- Deebo Samuel (+5 bonus) > A.J. Brown

As I mentioned earlier, CMC and Eli Mitchell are beaten up. Enter Deebo Samuel as the next man up in the 49ers' backfield. His rushing numbers are miles away from what he did last year but, in this spot, where San Fran will want to get to the edge and around the Eagles' D-line, I love Samuel to get work. Brown is working through a hip injury and wasn’t the focal point of the offense in the Birds beatdown of the Giants. I like Samuel to score and get 50+ yards on the ground to easily cover this bet.

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Download the TopProp Fantasy app and play today!

Good luck.


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