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Drake's Takes - TNF Picks

It’s Thursday and that means we’re itching to bet on football. If you’ve been following me at TopProp Fantasy Sports you know I’m on a 10-2 heater. This train isn’t slowing down anytime soon so let’s cash some winning tickets for tonight’s Dolphins vs Bengals showdown.

Remember, at TopProp all we care about is who scores more fantasy points.

I’m not going to lie, this game has some difficult matchups. Is that going to scare me off betting? C’mon now. Scared money doesn’t make money as the saying goes.

Let’s talk Quarterbacks – Joe Burrow vs Tua “No it’s not a concussion, we promise” Tagovailoa

We’re going to spot Tua three bonus points tonight. I’m actually kind of blown away by that. Tua for most people's money Tua is the better fantasy asset right now. Also, it’s not like Burrow’s 24.3 yards per game rushing is that much of a difference maker, but that’s why Tua gets the bonus.

Cincinnati is throwing the ball a ton. They have the fifth most attempts through three weeks, but only the tenth most passing yards. The Bengals despite their weapons have struggled in the red zone. They’ve run 39 red zone plays, which is sixth in the NFL but have only scored six offensive touchdowns on the season. Oh, Burrow also gets sacked… a lot. 16 times already on this young season.

Tua has been riding the high of his week two performance where he tossed six touchdowns. Take away that week and Tua has thrown for two scores and 456 yards. Not exactly a fantasy bonanza.

I’m giving the nod to Joe Burrow tonight. While the weapons are pretty equal on both sides, I’m not sure how healthy Tagovailoa really is. Burrow is a safer bet to throw multiple touchdowns; in the end, that’s what wins these prop bets.

TopProp Play: Burrow > Tua (+3)

How about we do a little Bengal on Bengal bet? Tee Higgins is getting three points vs Ja’Marr Chase. To me, this is easy money. Higgins isn’t as flashy, but he’s equally talented as Chase. The only thing slowing Higgins down is getting concussed or being checked for a concussion.

While Chase has 16 more targets than Higgins, he only has 8 more receptions and 21 more yards. Most of those targets came in Week 1 when Higgins was knocked from the game.

I also think Dolphins superstar cornerback Xavien Howard sees a lot of Chase tonight. That alone would give me pause over betting on Chase, plus Higgins is getting a free three bonus points. Give me Higgins and let’s cash!

TopProp Play: Higgins (+3) > Chase

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Be sure to follow us on Twitter at @DrakeFantasy and @TopPropFantasy so you won’t miss any of my plays this season.

Good luck everyone!


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