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Drake's Takes - MNF

Mr. Monday Night is here to win you some prop-betting cash!

We’ve got a fun one tonight as the Baltimore Ravens visit the New Orleans Saints.

I’m predicting some points tonight.

The good folks at TopProp Fantasy have constructed some interesting player vs player bets.

The first matchup is Lamar Jackson vs Alvin Kamara (+4 bonus points). Some bettors would shy away from such content. Not your boy Drake. Let’s attack this and win!

To the average fan, you’d say, simply take the QB. Well, if you look at the last month of games, Kamara has beaten Jackson head-to-head each week. Tonight we’re going to give him four bonus points.

The Saints will be without Mark Ingram. They’ll be home in the Dome. Kamara faces a Ravens team who is in the bottom half of the league in rushing touchdowns allowed.

And more importantly, since Andy Dalton has taken the reigns, Kamara is back to being a monster out of the backfield. He’s caught 28 passes over the last four weeks.

I’m swiping on Alvin Kamara tonight and sleeping like a baby (partially because I’ll be drinking a few double IPAs during the game).

TopProp Play: Kamara +4 > Lamar

You wanna go QB vs QB? Lamar Jackson vs Andy Dalton (+6 bonus) is tantalizing because of that juicy bonus.

It was just two weeks ago when Dalton threw four touchdowns at Arizona and nearly topped 30 points.

Boy those six bonus points have me thinking…

Lucky for me I haven’t popped the tops on those IPAs yet.

With a clear head and semi-clear conscience, I’m going to do it. I’m taking Andy freakin’ Dalton over Lamar Jackson tonight.

TopProp Play: Dalton +6 > Lamar

The bonus points are a free touchdown. The Saints are top 10 in rushing yards allowed and the defense although lacking several key playmakers in the secondary won’t have to do much vs Baltimore’s offense lacking Mark Andrews and Rashod Bateman.

My $10 bet is live on the app. Come challenge me and take the other side tough guy!

My goodness, I just picked Andy Dalton and wrote about it for all to see.

This victory lap is going to go on for days

Go download the Top Prop Fantasy app and use my promo code “Drake” to get an instant deposit bonus of up to $50.

Be sure to follow us on Twitter at @DrakeFantasy and @TopPropFantasy so you won’t miss any of my plays this season.

Good luck everyone!


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