What is TopProp?

TopProp is a daily fantasy sports site designed to give you more ways to win in your existing season-long fantasy league. TopProp also offers you the opportunity to build your fantasy community - whether it is chatting with leaguemates on the site or making new connections through our Expert Leagues. TopProp is about more than just the contests - it is about creating a social setting for fantasy sports players to share their passion for the game.

Is TopProp only for the NFL?

No - TopProp plans to expand to other sports following the launch of the site for Week 1 of the 2021 NFL Season.

Why Can I not Create an Account?

As of now, TopProp is not available in every US state - whether due to state restrictions or pending applications. Make sure you enable your "Location Services" when accessing the site to ensure you are in an approved state.

Am I playing against another user?

Yes - all contests on TopProp are between two users.

What is the chat functionality used for?

We know that fantasy football is competitive, but at the end of the day, it's supposed to be fun. Our chat features are meant for you to send messages with your leaguemates, talk smack and grow your fantasy community.

Does TopProp have mobile functionality?

Yes! TopProp is mobile optimized so you can create and match contests via your mobile browser.

What if I have an existing account but I’m in a state that TopProp does not operate in?

TopProp is required by law to track a user’s current location, not where they live. Even if you have an existing account, TopProp will not work in these states.

What if I live in a state that TopProp does not operate in but am traveling in state that you do conduct business in?

As long as you are currently in an approved state, you are welcome to create an account, import your existing league, and create and match contests!

What are bonus points?

Bonus points function as a way to balance the scales between the two teams and increase the intensity for EVERY fantasy matchup. Whether your fantasy matchup is close or not, there is always a compelling reason to create contests!

Where is TopProp available?

We are currently available for those 18 and older in Alaska, Arkansas, California, Colorado, the District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky, Massachusetts (21+), Minnesota, Nebraska (19+), New Hampshire, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, Vermont, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming, and Canada.

Are Bonus Points Required?

Yes - every contest on TopProp involves bonus points. The user who receives the bonus points will have them added to the scores of his or her team in that contest.

Does TopProp only take ACH payments at this time?

Yes, we take ACH payments at this time. We plan to add additional payment options in the near future.

How long does it take for ACH payments to clear?

If the transaction is processed on a day that banks are open (Mon-Fri), a pre-1pm EST deposit will clear around 6pm EST. A post-1pm EST deposit will clear the next morning.

When can I play $50 in Risk-Free Contests?

Any first time deposit enables a user to play up to $50 in risk-free contests during the NFL week of such deposit. This offer only applies during that NFL week and expires at its conclusion. Users must be in participating states to claim such offer. This promotion requires play through. This means the total amount of the deposit plus the amount remitted to the user following the conclusion of the user's risk-free contests must be put in play on TopProp before it is able to be withdrawn.


Leagues - How to Play?

1. Import your existing season-long fantasy league from ESPN or Yahoo! For more information on how to use the TopProp Chrome Extension for ESPN league imports, click here. 2. Invite your leaguemates to join your league on TopProp by typing in their email address and selecting their team from the drop down menu once your league is imported. Your leaguemates will receive an email that you have invited them to join your league on TopProp. Leagues are private - only the people you invite can join. 3. Create contests with leaguemates on TopProp based on your existing fantasy rosters. Your starting lineup on the host site for your league (either ESPN or Yahoo!) will be reflected on TopProp. We sync your league automatically every six hours to ensure all roster moves stay up-to-date. If you or a leaguemate made a change that is not yet reflected on TopProp, feel free to manually update your entire league by clicking the "Sync Now" button at the top of the page. You can create a contest with anyone else in your league - regardless of whether your team is involved or you are playing that person in your fantasy matchup that week. A contest can be created at any time during the week - whether it’s 9v9 before the Thursday night games or you have one player left and are down by 8 points on Monday Night Football. You can create as many contests as you want during the week, including multiple contests on the same matchup. TopProp’s Leagues also have a built-in chat feature that allows all members of the League to interact with one another - forging the social bonds that are lacking on other season-long and daily fantasy sites.

Does TopProp host my fantasy league?

TopProp does NOT host your fantasy league. We have built-in plug-ins with your existing Yahoo! and ESPN fantasy leagues so you can import your league while still hosting it on those platforms.

Why can I not import my League?

As of now, TopProp only supports ESPN and Yahoo! fantasy leagues. We have plans to expand our offerings to include other sites in the future.

When can I create contests?

You can create contests at any time during the week when no player on your team or your opponent’s team is currently playing. If a League contest is created, but unmatched, when a player on either team kicks off, the contest will be void and the creator will be reimbursed their entry fee. You can create contests before any of the games start (full roster v. full roster) or after some games have been played - as long as there are players left to play on either team involved in the contest. TopProp will calculate the "bonus points" based on projected points for players who have not played and actual points for players who have played.

What are the scoring options you offer?

Leagues offer PPR, HALF-PPR, or STANDARD scoring settings.

Can I create contests based on other people's teams?

Yes - you do not only need to create contests involving your team. You can create a contest between any two teams - regardless of whether they're playing each other that week or not. As long as somebody else in your league is willing to match, it's GAME ON!

How do I add other members to our league?

The user who imports your ESPN or Yahoo! League to TopProp functions as the League administrator. As the administrator, that user is responsible for inviting new players to your TopProp League via email.

What happens if one of our leaguemates is in a state where TopProp does not operate?

You can still import your League and create contests with your other leaguemates who live in approved states. Additionally, you are still able to create and match contests that include his/her team. As long as you have two users in a TopProp League, it’s Game On.

What if I match a contest and I update my ESPN or Yahoo! roster afterwards?

Once a contest is matched by both users, the contest becomes active. An active contest locks each user’s starting lineups at the time the contest was created. The contest will remain open between the players who were in the starting lineups of the participating teams when the contest was created and matched. You can always create a new contest with your updated lineup after any changes.

How often does my league sync with ESPN and Yahoo!?

We sync your league automatically every six hours so you don’t have to worry about constantly refreshing your roster! If you just made a roster change and want this reflected on TopProp, feel free to press the “Sync Now” button to update your entire league instantly.

Can I import my league on a mobile device?

You CAN import your Yahoo! league from a mobile device to TopProp! However, based on ESPN’s architecture, the initial import must be from a Google Chrome browser using the Chrome extension. Afterwards, everything else can be created on mobile!

Leagues - Rules

Overview For each contest, the entry fees and win amount are displayed on the information page for that contest. The number of users per contest will always be two. The scoring settings will be determined by the rules of your existing season-long fantasy league (PPR, HALF PPR, Standard). Each team in the contest will accumulate points throughout the duration of the contest period. Once the contest is created, the starting lineups are set based on each team's startling lineups on their season-long fantasy site - even if a user changes his or her roster after the contest is created. Users can always create new contests to reflect subsequent changes to their starting lineup. Ties In the event that the two teams entered in the contest tie (once bonus points are accounted for), each participating user will have his or her entry fee refunded. Scoring TopProp grades contests using official league statistics and only includes statistics from sporting events the relevant league deems to be official. Final scores for each contest will be calculated and confirmed within 24 hours after the final game for that week is played. While contest results are typically final based on the statistics provided by our partners, TopProp reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to revise scores after contests are closed in the rare situation that a scoring error arises from either our partners or TopProp. In the event such scoring corrections alter the results of any contest, TopProp may reverse the payments or refund the participating users in its sole discretion. If a league declares a game "postponed" or "suspended," then the statistics generated in the sporting event before that point will count toward the contest. Any statistics generated when the sporting event takes place or resumes will count only if it occurs before the relevant contest period closes. Contest Closure In the event a contest is created, but unmatched at the time any player on the roster of either team participating in such contest begins a scheduled game, the contest will be closed and the creating user will be refunded his or her entry fee.


What if a player is Inactive?

If a player is Inactive, any contest involving that player will be void and the user(s) will be reimbursed their entry fees.

What if a player’s projection changes significantly?

TopProp reserves the right to cancel contests, in our sole discretion, without any restrictions if a player’s projection changes significantly due to unforeseen circumstances. In this event, the user(s) will be reimbursed their entry fees.


What is the purpose of the Google Chrome extension for ESPN?

Due to how ESPN builds their fantasy leagues and their APIs, the league administrator needs to add the Google Chrome extension to their browser to enable the import. The extension is only required for the administrator the first time they import a league and is not required for any other members of the league.

Can I import my ESPN league without using the Google Chrome extension?

Based on how ESPN architects their fantasy leagues and their API, the league administrator must use Google Chrome to import their league to TopProp. This is only required the first time the league administrator imports their league and is not required for any other league members.

How do I download the TopProp Chrome Extension?

Click here to download the TopProp Chrome Extension and import your ESPN League to TopProp.

How do I use the Google Chrome Extension to import my ESPN League?

Check out the video below or click this link to learn how to use the Google Chrome Extension to import your ESPN League to TopProp:



If TopProp determines, in its sole discretion, that any user is maintaining multiple accounts or colluding with another user to functionally operate multiple accounts, TopProp reserves the right to terminate or suspend each accountholder and revoke or withhold all contest winnings.


What is the Battleground?

The Battleground allows users to create head-to-head player matchups based on fantasy points. Playing is simple: choose any player and an opponent you think he will outscore. TopProp will provide bonus points to the underdog in the matchup based on the number of fantasy points they are projected to score that week. On the Battleground, you can select any player from any position in any game. As long as another user matches, it's game on.

When can I create contests?

You can create a contest between any two players that have not yet played in a given week. If a contest is not yet matched when one of the players involved kicks off, the contest will be void and the contest creator will be reimbursed.

Are contests on the Battleground head-to-head against another user?

Yes, every contest is head-to-head against another user.

What scoring is used for the Battleground?

What positions are available in the Battleground?

We offer the standard fantasy positions for individual players: QB, RB, WR, TE and K.

Can I create a contest between two players in the same game?

Yes - TopProp allows you to create contests between players in the same game and even players on the same team.

Can I create contests between players from different positions?

Yes, TopProp allows you to create a contest between any two positions. As long as the players are projected within 6.5 points, you can create the contest.

Why can I not create contests between two players who have vastly different projections?

All contests must be between two players who are projected within 6.5 points of one another. This allows for all contests on TopProp to be between similar players to ensure that contests are matched by other users.